Battery life of Lenovo W541 while suspended on Ubuntu

A typical use case for my two year old Lenovo W541 is run the battery down to 80%, then forget to put it in the charger while it sits in suspend for a couple days. This is just by accident/convenience. After about 72 hours of suspend from lid close in Ubuntu, the Lenovo W541 battery is at 50% upon wakeup.

This represents a battery life drain in suspend of about 0.5% per hour when Ubuntu 16.04 is in suspend. Of course, this result is only accurate for my battery. Ubuntu should have learned the discharge curve of my battery already.

Disable hibernate Ubuntu

I don’t use Hybrid Sleep (where Windows simultaneously hibernates and suspends) or plain hibernate either. If I’m not going to use the laptop for several hours, I shut down. Ubuntu starts up cold boot essentially as fast as suspend with an SSD.

With any operating system, hibernate causes finite wear and tear on the SSD, completely dumping out RAM to SSD–considerable when you have 32-64 GB of RAM!