Keeping the Beaglebone firmware & kernel up to date

Note: This process can leave your Beaglebone unable to boot particularly if you run out of space in the / partition. If your Beaglebone is working, leave it alone. Only do this for a Beaglebone where you don’t mind if it takes you a while to fix if something goes wrong.

Be sure you have enough room in the root partition / on your Beaglebone.

At least say 100MB (preferably you don’t have your Beaglebone that full anyway). You can free space via

df -h

Update Beaglebone kernel and firmware

cd /opt/scripts/tools
git pull

Look to see if any errors happened. You will need to reboot when this is done, if no errors happened.  If things get really messed up, you may need to reinstall everything from scratch–erasing all existing files in the process.

For example, you can use the procedure above to update from the Linux 3.8 kernel to the 4.1 kernel on the Beaglebone.

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