Minimal, beautiful no-JavaScript Jekyll theme

With a large 1000+ page/post website, it was taking several minutes to build even with the lightweight Minimal Mistakes Jekyll theme. In particular we sought to eliminate JavaScript entirely as nearly 50% of the downloaded content was JavaScript for a very text-based website, and this seemed unnecessary. Since speed is important for SEO and mobile users, we chose to use the even more lightweight Phlow Simplicity Jekyll theme.

We made some on-the-fly modifications to give back a few optional features from Minimal Mistakes, but without using JavaScript. We have not yet pull request to Simplicity, but let us know if you’d like the changes uploaded.

Why not Hugo? Simply that for now we are happy with the Jekyll functionality, despite that Hugo might build even faster, for now we saw this no-JavaScript Jekyll theme as an intermediate step, giving all of the public-facing benefits such as security and speed. The Disqus comment system uses JavaScript, but that is optional to core website functionality.