Intel AMT / vPro KVM: Port forwarding necessary

NOTE: when setting up your remote PC, consider enabling standard VNC (if you’re behind a hardware firewall) that will remove the need for proprietary RealVNC Viewer Plus. All you will need is one of the many free open VNC programs to have full remote control.

For those installations behind a firewall, here are the ports you need to forward (say, via SSH) to use Intel AMT KVM.

Note: Don’t open these ports to the public Internet! Be sure they’re behind a hardware firewall/VPN/SSH port forward gateway.

Port Purpose
5900 VNC
16992 HTTP remote web UI
16993 HTTPS remote web UI, TLS requires this port
16994 KVM traffic
16995 KVM traffic when TLS is used

Tested with Intel AMT version 8

Reference 1

reference 2



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