Installing LaTeX editor in Windows

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There are two ways to use TeXstudio LaTeX GUI in Windows:

  • Native Windows
  • Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Windows Subsystem for Linux

My preferred method for LaTeX editing on Windows is to use WSL GUI and then

apt install texstudio

Optional: latest version

To use the latest version of TeXstudio:

  1. download TeXstudio
  2. remove existing old TeXstudio
    apt remove texstudio texstudio-data
  3. install latest TeXstudio that you downloaded
    gdebi texstudio*amd64.deb

native Windows

  1. Download MiKTeX
  2. Install MikTeX. The default options are generally fine.
  3. Download/Install TeXstudio


all the references are ??

you need to (re)compile your .bib file by pressing F8 in TeXstudio. Watch for error messages

MiKTeX install package

This popup occurs when compiling a new document with packages it uses that you don’t have yet. You can uncheck “ask me each time” if you are comfortable with that and want to stop seeing the popups.

Fix “package not found”

  1. press the Windows key then type Package Manger and click on the MiKTeX icon to open the package manager.
  2. click Repository/Synchronize.
  3. install the missing package.

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