Installing GPSTk in Anaconda Python

GPSTk 2.7 Python install and examples

GPSTk 2.5 Python 2.7 install (old version)

This is for an obsolete GPSTk, for reference.

  1. Download GPSTk 2.5 source
  2. comment out (type //) line 15 of file gpstk-2.5.src/python/bindings/swig/gpstk.i to avoid

    Error: Unable to find ‘doc/doc.i’

  3. make sure the command which python points to your Python 2.7, NOT Python 3. If it points to Python 3, check your ~/.bashrc. Yes I normally make python point to Python 3, but I temporarily override this for this install.
  4. sudo apt install g++ make cmake swig doxygen
  5. ./ -bcp -l $(python -c "import site; site.getsitepackages()[0])") -s ~/gpstk
  6. add to your ~/.bashrc


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