Install Zello app on Linux

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Zello allows prompt voice push-to-talk group communications worldwide using internet-connected phones, tablets, and computers. Note that Zello requires the Internet to work–if your mobile phone loses connection, Zello does not work!

Zello also works very well from Linux using WINE, since it’s a Windows program. Of course, most Zello users use their internet-connected mobile phone or tablet.

Install Zello on Linux

  1. Download Zello for PC.
  2. Install Zello with WINE
    wine ZelloSetup.exe

This creates a Zello icon to launch the Zello app in Linux.

Optional: command-line Zello

  1. Create a script with the contents
    wine "$HOME/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Zello/Zello.exe"
  2. make executable
    chmod +x

Zello alternatives

For licensed amateur radio operators ONLY, Echolink works on Android and iPhone/iOS as well as computers using Linux/Mac/Windows. Echolink interconnects with hardware radio links worldwide and is a key technology for disaster relief communications for Internet-connected radio links.

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