Install Ipython / Jupyter in Cygwin

Install Jupyter Notebook in Cygwin by:

  1. install Prereqs from Windows Command Prompt
    setup-x86_64 -P python3-devel python3-zmq
  2. from Cygwin Terminal:
    /usr/bin/pip3 install jupyter

If you get missing pip error, try installing pip in Cygwin 

Run Jupyter Notebook from Cygwin

  1. in Cygwin
    jupyter notebook --no-browser
  2. copy the URL printed to your Windows web browser to use Cygwin Jupyter notebook.


Of course, you can use Anaconda Python directly in Windows to do the same thing. But perhaps you have something installed in Cygwin that isn’t easy to install in native Windows. In that case, consider Windows Subsystem for Linux, a complete Ubuntu 16.04 system with full performance as a free app in the Microsoft Windows Store.

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