Google Solar Eclipse MegaMovie

Eclipse MegaMovie is a Google provide to register thousands of images taken during the solar eclipse, to provide spatiotemporal diversity not available any other practical way. Google used the mature PyEphem Python module to perform precise calculations of solar position vs. observer location.

It’s pretty evident this is a laudable first pass. It looks like a lot of photos have over-exposure and dynamic range issues. This could perhaps be addressed by “gap data” techniques. I am excited to watch what imaging amateurs and professionals will come up with from this dataset, to guide future eclipse observations.

One hope I have is that people would become interested in persistent solar observations, using appropriate filters. Currently the nice filters are over $1000, but perhaps a compromise filter can be made much more cheaply.


  • AGU FM17 poster “Eclipse Megamovie 2017: How did we do?”
  • AGU FM17 talk “Eclipse Megamovie 2017: A Citizen Science Project”