Google Pixel Phone on Google Fi - Technical Details

The Google Fi flagship device is the Google Pixel Phone. It has worldwide economical roaming with many LTE bands, listed below.

Google Pixel XL FCC ID: NM8G-2PW4100

For brevity the 2G-3.5G GSM/GPRS/EDGE/DTM/UMTS/HSUPA/HSDPA+ 850 MHz and 1900 MHz bands not shown.

  • Pixel LTE is CAT11 (600 Mbps down / 75 Mbps up)
  • LTE-CA (carrier aggregation) is on downlink (receive) only.
  • TDD: time domain duplex: pulsed transmission and reception in same frequency band
  • FDD: frequency domain duplex: transmit and receive in different frequency bands
  • Note: Google Fi does not use AT&T or Verizon, they are just shown for reference.
  • USC: US Cellular, TMO: T-Mobile
  • not every nation is listed, countries listed randomly picked.
  • NFC and UMA (Wifi calling) are also on the Pixel
bandmodeEIRP (dBm)TX Freq (MHz)
Wifi 2.45 GHzn/ac 2x2 MIMO VHT80 867Mbps162402-2480, 5170-5835
BT 4.21 MHz BLE / 2 MHz62402-2480
LTE bandBW (MHz)EIRP (dBm)TX Freq (MHz)Carrier Notes
21.4 - 20201850-1910ATT, VZW, TMO
41.4 - 20201710-1755ATT, VZW, TMO
51.4 - 1020824-849ATT, USC
75 - 20202500-2570International
121.4 - 1020699-716ATT, TMO, USC
135 - 1020777-787VZW
175 - 1020704-716ATT
251.4 - 20201850-1915Sprint nationwide license
261.4 - 1520814 - 849Sprint/Nextel ESMR band FDD 5x5 MHz up/down
305 - 10202305-2315ATT
415 - 20202496-2690Sprint Spark TDD two 20 MHz LTE-CA

For Band 26, the FCC license in the USA limits maximum frequency to 824 MHz, thereby allowing two 5x5 MHz (up / down) channels in the old Nextel ESMR (tower transmit 859-869 MHz). In many areas Sprint only has enough ESMR spectrum for one 5x5 MHz LTE band 26 channel.