Google Earth Pro on Linux using WINE

Google Earth Pro 7.3 is available at no cost for Windows, Mac and Linux natively.

Although not normally used, you can also using Google Earth Pro for Windows on Linux via WINE default 64-bit Wineprefix.

Again, you normally just natively run on Linux Google Earth Pro 7.3 directly on Linux without WINE.

Google Earth Pro via WINE

You may want to consider WINE 2.x or just use the native Linux Google Earth install) if you’re having issues.

  1. Download Google Earth Pro Windows installer
  2. Setup a WINE environment for Windows 7 (the earliest version of Windows supported for Google Earth 7.3).
  3. Install WINE prereqs
    winetricks msxml3
  4. Install Google Earth Pro
    wine GoogleEarthProSetup.exe


If the main menu shortcut doesn’t start Google Earth, try:

~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Google/Google Earth Pro/client/googleearth.exe

and you should find that Google Earth opens and everything works, including searches and atmospheric effects.

If the Terminal worked but the shortcut didn’t, create a script on $PATH containing the ~/.wine/... command above.

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