Goldwave audio editor on Linux WINE

Goldwave 5.x is stable and the recommended version to use on Linux via WINE. An open source alternative to Goldwave is Audacity.

Install Goldwave 5

  1. Download Goldwave 5
  2. Install Goldwave prereqs. 32-bit WINEPREFIX is mandatory due to wmp10 prereq.

    WINEPREFIX=~/.wine32 WINEARCH=win32 winetricks wmp10

    This creates a 32-bit winearch (default .wine directory is 64-bit). The default install options are fine.

  3. Install Goldwave in WINE.

    WINEPREFIX=~/.wine32 wine gwave5*.exe

    This also creates a Goldwave icon in the Ubuntu apps menu.

Configure soundcard

  1. open Goldwave
  2. F11 key → Control Properties → System tab
  3. click Use DirectSound AP radio button
  4. click OK to save configuration

You can select “loopback” what you hear audio under F11 → Device → Record and pick Loopback Pulseaudio

Test Goldwave 5

  1. F11 key → Device tab
  2. Click Test playback button

you should hear a brief test tone.

You should be able to create new/save/play sound files with Goldwave 5.7 in Linux WINE

Useful Goldwave settings

These settings are useful for Goldwave on Windows as well as WINE/Linux.

  • Constantly monitor audio levels: F11 → Record → monitor input
  • label VU graph axes in dB: Right click VU meter → Properties → Show Axis

Install Goldwave 6

It’s recommended to use Goldwave 5.x as above on WINE instead.

There are some errors but Goldwave 6 still works to record and playback on WINE ≥ 2 using a Windows 7 Wineprefix.

  1. Download Goldwave 6
  2. configure your Wineprefix for Windows 7 using winecfg → Applications → Windows Version → Windows 7
  3. Install Goldwave 6 on WINE

    wine InstallGoldwave6*.exe

Error messages

As of WINE 2.1, error upon opening Goldwave 6 include

Floating point overflow

and there are also

Unhandled exception

on closing Goldwave 6 and it will keep asking you to reset Goldwave settings. Nonetheless Goldwave 6 does record/play on WINE 2.1.


  • Audacity is a well-regarded free audio editor.