GNU Radio for Windows Subsystem for Linux

USB-connected SDR requires direct Linux or Windows

If you have a USB SDR, you need to run GNU Radio through Windows directly since Windows Subsystem for Linux does not currently support USB at a low level. GNU Radio can use the computer sound card to playback/record sound on Windows.

Network connected SDR can use Windows Subsystem for Linux

For network-connected SDR, or for running software-only simulations, here’s how to install and run the GNU Radio Companion GUI on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

  1. Install X11 for Windows Subsystem for Linux
  2. install GNU Radio in WSL Terminal

     apt install gnuradio
  3. start Xming (no window appears) and then type in WSL Terminal


Using GNU Radio Audio Sink on Windows Subsystem for Linux

Note: through at least Windows 10 Build 15025, WSL does not accept ALSA soundcard input, so you will have to disable any Audio Sinks in your GRC diagram for WSL.

Or, you can consider this procedure that runs a PulseAudio connector on Windows from WSL, with local port forwarding of audio packets over a local network socket from WSL to Windows

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