How to install Glumpy OpenGL for Python

Most PCs made in the past decade are compatible with OpenGL, enabling extremely fast 2D and 3D animation–including from Python. You DON’T have to learn OpenGL at all to make interesting 3-D plots from Numpy arrays.

The Matplotlib-like interface of Mayavi is more advanced (much easier to use) than Glumpy.

Glumpy Prereqs

apt install libglfw3-dev

python -m pip install pyopengl packaging appdirs pyopengl triangle cython glfw pyqt5

Windows trouble? See Glumpy install for Windows

Glumpy Install

python -m pip install glumpy

Glumpy OpenGL Examples

All Glumpy Example types

highly graphical Glumpy examples

git clone

cd glumpy/examples


Glumpy Notes

OpenGL version

You must have OpenGL ≥ 2.1, which you can check by

glxinfo | grep "OpenGL version string"