Delete git release version

Sometimes we find that software that tested fine on the build computer unexpectedly fails on CI. That’s a big part of the point of CI! For whatever reason, if you need to delete or update a GitHub release, realize that GitHub releases interact with git tags.

Update GitHub release to new commit

This is handy for if you realize a small fix was needed just after the GitHub release was made.

  1. delete the Git tag locally. Here we assume the release tag was v1.2.3

    git tag -d v1.2.3
  2. delete the Git tag remotely (on GitHub)

    git push -d origin v1.2.3

    This puts the release notes from v1.2.3 into “draft” mode–hidden from the public. That way you don’t have to retype your GitHub release notes.

  3. Make the necessary changes. Then do the GitHub release again,reusing the draft release notes.