Getting files from BB10 to Linux

The usual USB Mass Storage and Connect via USB modes don’t work from a Linux (Ubuntu) PC for some reason from a Blackberry Passport on BB10 OS 10.3. Since I needed to do this just to get my files off, I opted for the Sharing via Wifi method. I did this on a private Wifi network.

  1. on the Blackberry, go to Settings → Storage and Access and enable Access using Wifi. You will be prompted to set a password (so that not just everyone can get your files)
  2. Note the Wifi network name under “Identification on Network” button
  3. On your Linux laptop, from your file manager (here I assume Nautilus on Ubuntu, the default), select Connect to Server and type smb://YourBlackberryName where the name is given in step 2.
  4. In a few seconds, you should see your device mounted, and can view and copy files.