Getting a metal enclosure for Ettus USRP B200/B210

Protect your bare Ettus B-series board with a nice enclosure.

newer full-size USB 3.0

Ettus Research now sells a \$75 B200/B210 enclosure but it’s for the Rev 6 and newer boards only (with full size USB 3.0 connector).

older micro USB 3.0

Rev 5 and older boards USRP B200/B210 come with a Micro-USB 3.0 connector and the custom housing is available direct from Takachi Electronics Enclosure Co, Ltd.

Or, look at making your own Ettus B200/B210 enclosure:

The B200/B210 is seen more as a prototyping board to entice engineers to Ettus’ more expensive and featureful product lines, which is a fair and commonly made choice.

Request a quote for the MXA3-11-16SSH

The current price is about $200 in single quantities and Fedex overnight shipping is about $30 currently. It takes a few business days for them to manufacture the case. Of the $200, about 90 % of the cost is for machining and 10 % for materials.

There is currently no “buy it now” button on their website, so you will have to use PayPal the old-fashioned way. Check the bottom of your Takachi quote for payment information, such as the specific email address to send PayPal to (you will login to, click Send Money, and type in that email address). Remember to type your invoice or quote number into the PayPal comments along with your name before submitting the payment so that they know who the payment is from.

The person I worked with was Tadateru Sei, who always responded the next business day (usually I sent email at night Japan time, and got the reply several hours later during Japan daytime).