GDL GNUDataLanguage reading IDL .sav files

GDL needs CMSvlib installed to read/write IDL .sav files. GDL ≥ 0.9.8 appears to include CMSvlib, but older GDL versions may not. If restore or save gives an error like:

EXECUTE: Function not found: CMSVLIB

then you need CMSvlib as below.

Install CMSVlib

  1. Download CMSVlib and extract to ~/.local/share/cmsvlib
  2. add line to ~/.bashrc

    export GDL_STARTUP=$HOME/.gdl/"
  3. copy and paste into  ~/.gdl/

  4. reopen Terminal and GDL

Load IDL .sav file


check that GDL has loaded the correct paths

in GDL type