FV FITS View install

Ubuntu 18.04 repo ftools-fv provides NASA FV FITS viewer. FV is a highly useful program to view FITS tables and images. The FITS format is an old but frequently used format in astronomical imagery.


The simplest way to install FV on Ubuntu or Windows Subsystem for Linux is simply:

apt install ftools-fv

This currently installs FV 5.4.

Latest version

If you instead wish to install the latest FV version directly from NASA:

  1. download Linux FV binaries and extract to ~/.local.
  2. add to ~/.bash_aliases:

    alias fv=$HOME/.local/fv5.5/fv


Earlier versions of Ubuntu 18.04 repo ftools-fv gave the following error (which is now fixed):

Error in startup script: can’t find package Itk while executing “package require Itk” (procedure “fvInit” line 11) invoked from within “fvInit” (“eval” body line 1) invoked from within “eval fvInit $argv” (file “/usr/share/ftools/fv/fvInit.tcl” line 15)