Finding your Uber passenger rating

Uber updated the rider app in April 2017 to include the rider running average rating right under their name in the Uber app menu. This was a very overdue change that will help passenger behavior–at least the redeemable passengers.

Your Uber rider rating should be at least 4.80.

If Uber rider rating has fallen below 4.8

help raise your Uber rider rating (increasing chance of prompt pickup) by:

  • be “toes on curb” ready for pickup at all times.
  • be looking for the car.
  • tipping drivers. Amount varies per city but even $1-$2 helps, and more for longer rides.
  • politely greeting driver and saying goodbye
  • closing door gently but firmly
  • asking how their day is
  • don’t snack in car

Summary: make pickup as fast as possible for the driver. Don’t be a jerk.

Notes on Uber rider rating

  • Old app versions: find your Uber rating from the Uber app by: Help > Account and Payment Options > Changing my Account Settings > I’d like to know my rating
  • March 2016: Uber started allowing passenger ratings to show 2 decimal places instead of 1. E.g. 3.93 instead of 3.9