Find text string in file

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Python script looks for specific text you want inside any file smaller than a maximum size (avoiding searching huge binary files)

#!/usr/bin/env python
import warnings
from pathlib import Path
import subprocess
from binaryornot.check import is_binary
import colorama

MAXSIZE=20e6  #[bytes]

def findtext(root:Path, txt:str, globext:str, verbose:int) -> None:
    if isinstance(globext,(Path,str)):
        globext = [globext]

    for e in globext:
        e = Path(e).expanduser() # in case "ext" is actually a specific filename
        if e.is_file():
            searchlist([e],txt, verbose)
        else: # usual case
            searchlist(Path(root).expanduser().rglob(str(e)), txt, verbose)

def searchlist(flist:list, txt:str, verbose:int) -> None:

    mat = []

    endl='\n' if verbose>=0 else ' '

    for f in flist:
        # note that searchfile() does NOT work for PDF even with text inside...but Grep does. Hmm..
        if f.is_file() and f.stat().st_size<MAXSIZE:
            matchinglines = None

            if not is_binary(str(f)):
                here,matchinglines = searchfile(f,txt,verbose)
            elif f.suffix=='.pdf':
                here = searchbinary(f,txt)

            if here:
                print(colorama.Back.MAGENTA + str(f), end=endl)
                if matchinglines and verbose>=0:
                    print(colorama.Back.BLACK + '\n'.join(matchinglines))

def searchbinary(f:Path, txt:str) -> bool:
    # FIXME: use Python directly to make cross-platform Windows
        subprocess.check_call(['grep', txt, f], 
                              stdout=subprocess.DEVNULL) # grep return 0 if match
        return True
    except subprocess.CalledProcessError: # grep returns 1 if no match
        return False
    except Exception as e: # catch-all for unexpected error
        warnings.warn(f'{f}  {e}')

def searchfile(f:Path, txt:str, verbose:int):
    here = False

    # NO speedup observed from doing this first
#    if not txt in str(f):
 #       return here,matchinglines

    with'r') as o:
            for i,l in enumerate(o):
                if not txt in l:
                matchinglines.append(f'{i}: {l}')
        except UnicodeDecodeError as e:
            if verbose > 0:
                warnings.warn(f'{f} {e}')

    return here,matchinglines

if __name__ == '__main__':
    import signal
    signal.signal(signal.SIGINT, signal.SIG_DFL)
    from argparse import ArgumentParser
    p = ArgumentParser(description='searches for TEXT under DIR and echos back filenames')
    p.add_argument('txt',help='text to search for') #required
    p.add_argument('globext',help='filename glob',nargs='?',default=['*.py','*.rst','*.txt','*.pdf','*.md','*.tex','*.f','*.f90'])
    p.add_argument('dir',help='root dir to search',nargs='?',default='.')
    p = p.parse_args()
    verbose = 0
    verbose -= p.quiet
    verbose += p.verbose

    findtext(p.dir, p.txt, p.globext, verbose)



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