Fast updating Matplotlib plots

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The basic structure for a rapidly updating animated plot with Matplotlib, without using the tricky matplotlib.animation module is described below for imshow() and pcolormesh().

Both examples assume:

from matplotlib.pyplot import figure, draw, pause

# imgs is a N x X x Y image stack

fg = figure()
ax = fg.gca()

If the pause() statement time is too small, Matplotlib may not update the plot at all. Consider your display may not be able to update faster than about pause(0.01). {: .alert-box.warning}

More examples with speed comparison showing that imshow is faster than pcolormesh generally.


h = ax.imshow(imgs[0])  # set initial display dimensions

for img in imgs:
    draw(), pause(1e-3)


h = ax.pcolormesh(imgs[0])  # set initial display dimensions

for img in imgs:
    draw(), pause(1e-3)