Transition to 800 MHz trunked radio system.

Auction 16 closing earlier this month looked like a Nextel feeding frenzy in the high 861MHz+ channels. This has helped motivate SMR system owners to be sure their systems are built out and utilized. We can build out SMR 800 MHz licenses, providing repeaters, combiners and subscriber units with customers so utilization is demonstrated, maximizing the value of your SMR licenses.

This is done affordably with refurbished trunked subscriber units that are computer programmable. We have climate controlled workspace where subscriber units can be installed, or portable subscriber units can be provided. These radios are 15 Watts and programmed with an EPROM programmer. That’s one “E”, the chips erase via UV. Some of these radios have UHF instead of N connectors. Note that a right angle UHF adapter loses a couple watts at 800 MHz!

Trunked vs. conventional radio “feel”

Trunking system are a bit surprising to those used to conventional radio. You have to push the PTT button, then wait until a channel is free, which usually takes half a second or so. Instead of PTT and pray someone heard you with conventional radio, in trunking, it’s a closed loop transmission initiation. A radio can’t transmit voice unless the repeater heard you and you heard the repeater.

Agencies at all levels are moving this way, the reserved public safety frequencies at 800 MHz and growing noise on low-band VHF have made those 1950’s style systems intolerable. Everything seems have a microchip these days, and as the price of electronics drops it seems the shielding does too. This means low-band VHF is getting hit harder every day. It’s time to move up to 800 MHz trunking!