Get/send email on Nextel via

The i85s is expandable with the J2ME loadable programs. One of the outstanding features is the ability to auto-mute based on events in its Calendar. This saves considerable embarrassment since I typically have the ringer volume maxed out, which is not good for school! I can just set an “appointment” for the duration of each school day so that I can surreptitiously get messages and perhaps send someone their first text message in reply.

Receive emails via SMS

So the “hack” for sending/receiving email without paying $10/month for Nextel Mobile Email is to use the text messaging via Email-SMS gateway. What you need on your end is an email forwarding program, you can setup Outlook 97/98/2000 for example to forward email to based on rules. Other email clients like Eudora should be able to do this, or perhaps your email service can do this on the server side so that you don’t need to keep your desktop on, burning electricity 24/7/365.

So the email receipt chain goes

Sender → your email server → POP3/IMAP/Exchange → Outlook → → SMS → Nextel phone

Filter auto-forwarded emails

The next step to avoid excessive emails forwarded to your phone is to filter based on To: and From: fields. Just filtering the To: field usually filters out email lists and some spam. Filtering the From: line allows you to keep only emails from boss, existing clients, family, etc.

Send emails via SMS

The way I do it, email recipients see as my email address, which is fine since I’m the only one they get such mobile emails from typically. The T9 text entry allows me to make reasonably verbose emails while on the go.

The email sending chain goes

Nextel phone → SMS → → their email server