Install Graphical Fortran debugger Eclipse-Photran

Intel’s idb debugger has been replaced by gdb-ia, which is a Terminal-based debugger. For graphical Fortran debugging using gfortran or Intel ifort, you can use Photran, an Eclipse-based graphical Fortran debugger.

Install & configure Eclipse IDE for Intel Fortran debugging

The Eclipse version obtained via apt install is usually much too old.

  1. Download/install the current Eclipse version. In this example, “Oxygen” (Eclipse 4.6) was used.
  2. Extract and run the Eclipse installer (no sudo needed)

     tar xf eclipse-inst-linux64.tar.gz
  3. Select “Eclipse for Parallel Application Developers”. It will install into ~/eclipse/parallel-oxygen.
  4. set in ~/.bash_aliases the line

     alias eclipse="$HOME/eclipse/parallel-oxygen/eclipse/eclipse"
  5. be sure your ~/.bashrc has a line like

     source /opt/intel/bin/ intel64
  6. Open a new Terminal, and typing eclipse opens the Eclipse IDE.
  7. From Eclipse IDE, click Help>Install New Software
  8. in “work with” pick your currently installed version (here, Oxygen)
  9. Uncheck the “hide items that are already installed”
  10. Type “fortran” in the search box, and select under Programming Language > “Fortran Development Tools (Photran)” and “Linux Intel Fortran Compiler Support”

Run command-line Intel Fortran debugger

The gdb-based Intel Fortran debugger


has replaced idb.


Intel Composer debug setup manual

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