Echolink on BB10 and Android

BB10 uses Amazon Echolink app for Android to run Echolink on BB10 devices.

A few caveats noted on: headphones, Bluetooth, PTT, and one-on-one conversations. These were tested with version 1.4.9 of Echolink on Android 4.4 and Blackberry OS 10.3.2.

  1. wired headphones work normally, the microphone in the headphones works. You have to manually select them with the speaker icon on the top right of the app
  2. Bluetooth works poorly for me on Android and Blackberry, bad/missing RX/TX audio. Others have noted these problems too. I can tell the HSP (headset profile) is being selected, but not much past that works
  3. PTT from headset does not work on Android or Blackberry, in both OS it just started/paused the media player music.
  4. I believe most people will be using “relay” connections, which currentlyprecludes them from making one-to-one connections.

I wish the Echolink network stack would be upgraded to not require firewall ports to be opened, this causes some extra difficulty for users. I think most people have been using Triggered Port Forwarding to have their router send Echolink traffic to them as their IP changes on their LAN/WLAN. Or they have used Proxy Servers and now the relay method.

Skype has managed to do one-to-one connections without firewall port opening for a very long time, also using direct one-to-one and one-to-many data connections with the server used only a broker to facilitate the initial call setup.