One-step build/install CMake 3

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CMake 3 adds clean factory macros, especially for Fortran, HDF5, and Matlab.

Compile/Install CMake

This will get you the latest release of CMake. For Linux and Mac, admin/sudo is NOT required.

CMake major versions

CMake version features added include
3.13 ctest --progress and better Matlab compiler support, lots of new linking options
3.12 transitive library specification (out of same directory), full Fortran Submodule support
3.11 specify targets initially w/o sources
3.10 added Fortran Flang (LLVM) compiler, extensive MPI features added
3.9 further C# and Cuda support originally added in CMake 3.8.
3.8 Initial Cuda support
3.7 comparing ≤ ≥ , initial Fortran submodule support
3.6 better OpenBLAS support
3.5 Enhanced FindBoost target with auto Boost prereqs
3.4 Limit CPU usage when using ctest -j parallel tests
3.3 List operations such as IN_LIST

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