Cinepak videos in ImageJ: FFMPEG conversion

ImageJ/FIJI cannot read Cinepak codec video files.

There are two plugins that attempt to address this for ImageJ:

But I found neither of them to work for me on the particular AVI Cinepak video I was given.

FFMPEG conversion of Cinepak

Instead, I used FFMPEG to convert to a more modern widely-compatible Motion JPEG format by typing:

ffmpeg -i video1990s.avi -vcodec mjpeg -qscale 1 test.avi

If you need no loss, you can do uncompressed AVI, but note the output file size could be a factor of 10 larger than the Cinepak version:

ffmpeg -i video1990s.avi -vcodec rawvideo out.avi

You can compress to LOSSLESS FFV1 by typing:

ffmpeg -i video1990s.avi -vcodec ffv1 out.avi

You can also convert the AVI to a series of PNG images.

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