CLOSED -- Chicago Union Station Amtrak Legacy Club

From the opening in June 2015 till permanent closure in February 2019, the Amtrak Legacy Club in Chicago Union Station was located in the southwest corner of the Great Hall and aws open 9 AM - 9 PM. It was designed for pay-access customers on long-distance and commuter (METRA) routes. Business/sleeper class/Select Plus customers have a separate First Class Metropolitan Lounge included in their ticket price. Since the Legacy Club is closed, existing Legacy Club memberships are honored in the Metropolitan Lounge and pay access for everyone else is also available in the Metropolitan Lounge.

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Before it closed, the Legacy Club pricing included up to 4 guests:

  • $20/day (in/out privileges)
  • $50/month
  • $500/year

Part of the problem leading to the permanent closure of the Legacy Club is said to be that the cost recovery was not sufficient even at those pricing levels.

(Historical) Amenities

  • Two satellite TVs with closed captioning
  • Video games (Playstation 4, Wii)
  • board games
  • nice bathrooms
  • Priority boarding ($10 extra for monthly/yearly)


  • fountain dispenser of sparkling, cold, or room temperature water
  • Starbucks coffee, tea, or hot chocolate
  • Numerous refrigerated single-serving drinks from Pellagrina, plus juices and soft drinks
  • Bottled and tap alcoholic beverages at happy hour


  • Numerous healthy snacks like pretzels, flavored pretzels, veggie straws, and the like
  • breath mints

Happy hour

  • lunchtime and afternoon
  • bottled drinks and Keginator


  • 16 workstations
  • 16 pairs of 120 Vac power outlets
  • no Ethernet
  • free Wifi

Amtrak Legacy Club Wifi

  • 2.4 and 5GHz WPA2-PSK
  • strong signal, decent speeds
  • allows SSH, VPN, YouTube, etc.
  • Network does not appear to be segmented (I can ping my phone from my PC).
  • Only single BSSID visible