Charter bus ridesharing Skedaddle app

Two years into the game, Skedaddle seems primed for a classic hockey-stick adoption curve. One advantage of a charter bus is you are more likely to get like minded people aboard, by the natural grouping associated with finding and installing a particular app. Fifteen riders 48 hours prior to start are required or the ride will be cancelled. To help meet this requirement, consider the following points.

Some rides I see start in the originator’s neighborhood, which may not be convenient to others. Just like Uber Pool, Lyft Line and the like, moving a block over (several blocks perhaps for Skedaddle) will give you a better chance at a desirable ride.

Time/location selection

Some rides I see cost more than the equivalent Amtrak ticket plus Uber at both ends. I suppose the appeal in this case is getting fans of the particular event all together. Otherwise, maybe they had a bad train/bus experience motivating the move to charter bus sharing.