CB Radio experiments to increase range

This fall harvest season was a fun time on the radio. I was able to connect to a local who had a Realistic TRC-465 AM/SSB CB for sale. That has increased my listening range to about 40 miles base-to-base. Talking range about 30 miles base-to-base.

That covers a lot of people so I can fill my middle-school evenings with somethings besides video games or TV.

SSB on CB Radio

I noticed as I would spin through the 23 channel dial that I would hear a weird voice-like muffled sound on channel 16–and only channel 16. From the ham radio books at the library I found I needed a BFO. The Johnson Messenger 123A was soon complemented with a 455 kHz BFO from an AM MW receiver kit I was working on. I saw that the stability and sensitivity of this arrangement needed improvement on SSB receive, and if I move my radio equipment to the barn in the spring, I would need some serious improvement in transmitter stability vs. temperature. It was pretty annoying to the others on SSB when I transmit AM due to the carrier squealing due to being off frequency by some temperature-varying amount. I left the CB on 24/7 to try and keep the temperature and hence frequency stable.

Thus I bit the bullet on the used TRC-465, I think the seller had a little mercy on me. My dad might use the 123A in the garage as a sort of intercom or for fun, maybe with a simple home-built antenna.