CB base antenna can be made from mobile antenna mounted to eaves

Our cottage sits on a hill, such that it’s taller than nearby cottages with 50 ft. towers. This implies a simple mobile antenna near the roof peak can use the metal eaves for groundplane, since height above terrain is the important factor. Depending on favorable terrain, base-base comms range on CB is over 30 miles, legally. With beam antennas and rule bending base-base CB range can be over 50 miles in quiet conditions.

So the idea is to make an antenna unappealing to steal, but that performs adequately. Naturally, something cheap is in order. You can’t just slap a mobile antenna on the roof, because it will blow over. It will have nothing to adhere magnetically to. Instead, take a mirror mount with lags drilled into the eaves with a 102” whip at the roof peak. This gives better than 1.2:1 SWR across the 40 CB channels and isn’t terribly conspicuous as to “hey there’s expensive CB stuff inside!” In fact unless you’re really looking you don’t notice it at all!

The idea is to give some heads up when a group is coming back from town or an adventure at one of the lakes–we should get a good 30 minutes’ driving time range base-mobile assuming SSB CB radio. This gives some peace of mind in case of a breakdown–not that anyone listens to channel 9, but that home base or another base station can be reached on the local channel. These roads are highly isolated and you just never know what you’d run into on a breakdown.

A lot of my family was into CB in the 70’s heyday, so they are quite amenable to this idea and it’s just a lot of fun for me to experiment with antennas and figure out range vs. terrain etc.

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