Canon ImageClass MF4350d Linux driver install

Note: Brother printers generally work great from Linux and are durable.

  1. Download Canon UFR II/UFR II LT Printer Driver for Linux 64 bit driver.
  2. Note: DO NOT use the you might see there as it will try to install old packages and break things.

    apt install cups gdebi
    adduser $(whoami) lpadmin
    tar xf linux-UFRII*.tar.gz
    cd linux-UFRII*/64*/Debian/
    gdebi cndrvcups-common*amd64.deb
    gdebi cndrvcups-ufr2*amd64.deb
  3. logoff and logon

  4. plugin your Canon MF4350d USB cable to the PC and turn printer on

  5. open Web browser to http://localhost:631. If you can’t access the page, do:

    nano /etc/cups/cupsd.conf

and be sure there is a section containing

    # Restrict access to the admin pages...
    <Location /admin>
      Order allow,deny
      Allow localhost
  1. click Administration, Add Printer, and type your Linux username and password
  2. under “local printers” select “Canon MF4320-4350 (UFRII LT) CNUSB #1 (Canon MF4320-4350 (UFRII LT))” and click Continue
  3. you can type whatever name you might want “Front office Printer” and click continue
  4. Under “model” find your model of printer (there are a ton of them listed, check the whole list!) and click Add Printer
  5. setup Xsane to scan documents

    apt install xsane
  • If you are on Windows, simply install the Drivers (not the Toolbox) and you can use Windows Fax and Scan and print.

Canon MF4350d review for Linux

The Canon MF4350d is a nice multi-function device that works very well with Ubuntu Linux. Both the scanner and the printer features work great–and rather inexpensive toner is available from third parties on Amazon and eBay. The main downsides of the MF4350d vs. more expensive MFC’s are:

  1. document scanner is SINGLE-sided instead of double-sided
  2. the “d” model does not have Ethernet (the MF4370dn is networked, but I have not used that model).