Primary candidates need a mobile website

Primary day reminds me that candidates should:

  1. Have a website that shows up one the first page of Google Search and uses https
  2. Have a website that displays correctly on mobile

In the Boston area, primary candidates from a selected sample have websites like:

type https mobile
incumbent > 50% > 70%
challenger < 10% < 25%

Incumbents often have the advantages of institutional templates and maybe even a staffer to take care of it. For challengers, it seems to be a challenge just being found on the web except for the “big” positions.


Websites from https providers such as Github Pages are free. Candidates should put some quality content up a few months before the election to show up on Bing/Google.

Candidates should find someone for their team that is marginally tech savvy or spend an hour themselves, so that they might actually be discovered and elected.


Written by Michael Hirsch, Ph.D. //