brew-like Scoop for Windows

Scoop brings easy install like scoop install gcc of developer programs to Microsoft Windows. Scoop works from a fresh Windows install, for example a free Windows virtual machine image.

Like Homebrew, Scoop does NOT require administrator/root access, so users in restrictive (but Internet connected) environments can use Scoop to get the latest development tools.

The Scoop package list is built from little JSON snippets, so Scoop is lightweight to maintain, and easy to add new packages to.


Install Scoop from PowerShell, then install Git and SSH via Scoop, so that Scoop can update its recipes:

scoop install git openssh


These are the most common development tools you may want:

  • gcc / gfortran: scoop install gcc
  • make / cmake: scoop install make cmake
  • clang / LLVM: scoop install clang
  • GNU Octave: scoop install octave

Updating packages

From time to time simply scoop update gcc or similar to update individual packages.