Boston University Dean of Engineering Alumni Award ceremony, Sept. 30, 2016

Dean Lutchen has previously spoken on the concept of the BU Societal Engineer

At this ceremony Sept. 30, 2016 four awardees were honored and several key BU Engineering statistics were noted:

  • 103 Ph.D. Engineering students were admitted in 2016 vs. 69 in 2015
  • a new graduate degree has been created w.r.t. “art of design”
  • every BU engineering sophomore has a class in EPIC, with one student from every engineering major on the team
  • 37% of BU engineering students are female, 2x the national average
  • BU engineering is ranked #35 in 2016 among peer institutions, ahead of Yale
  • BU engineering rank is up 19 spots since 2006, largest increase of any top 54 school

The Dean noted inaccuracies of US News rankings especially for undergrad since only about 20% of deans respond to their survey.

He noted the BU Engineering TISP program has reached 26K students across the US, where students actually use voltmeters, dig into the circuits, and otherwise feel the real engineering process. In concert with the FIRST Robotics competition, students in Boston-area schools such as Josiah Quincy get to see what engineering is really like, opening career doors.