.gitattributes fix line endings on Windows + Cygwin/WSL

How to use .gitattributes files to fix CRLF line-ending hell on Windows + Cygwin and WSL. Read more ›


Disable text wrapping in nano

How to turn off Cygwin nano default word wrap. This avoids breaking configuration files and Python scripts. Read more ›


Install and use Intel MKL Scalapack library

How to install and use Intel MKL "cluster support" option installs Scalapack in Intel MKL for C and Fortran. Read more ›


Linux / Python QR code generation

QtQR is a small GUI program enabling easy QR code generation Read more ›


Install LaTeX editor on Linux

How to setup a modern, friendly LaTeX GUI editor on Linux. Read more ›


Git contributions: rebase, squash, push feature branch

Common Git contribution workflow for major project like CMake. fork, rebase, squash, push feature branch Read more ›


Clean (delete) untracked files from Git repo.

How to remove (delete) untracked, unwanted files from a Git repo. Read more ›


Pdoc Python quickstart

Pdoc is much simpler to use than Sphinx for autogenerated Python documentation. Read more ›


Fortran and short-circuit logic

Fortran (classic and modern) does not mandate or prohibit short-circuit logic--here are some pitfalls. Read more ›


Autogenerated Fortran docs using FORD

FORD is easy to use to generate beautiful Markdown-based autogenerated docs for Fortran. Read more ›


Fortran 2008 Submodule and CMake

How to use Fortran 2008 submodule with CMake for more elegant architecture. Read more ›


Why no satellite radio outside North America?

Brief examination of possible reasons SDARS only exists in North America--and barely at that. Read more ›


Minimal, beautiful no-JavaScript Jekyll theme

Switching from Minimal Mistakes to no-JavaScript Simplicity Jekyll theme sped up build by 3x and is JavaScript-free and beautiful. Read more ›


GitHub / GitLab Pages to Netlify

How to switch to Netlify from GitHub Pages or GitLab Pages for static site hosting. Read more ›


git push to multiple sites

How to set git to push to multiple services. For example, main repo on GitHub and backup on GitLab. Read more ›


Building OpenMPI for Fortran compilers

How to easily build OpenMPI for a variety of modern Fortran compilers Read more ›


One-step build/install CMake 3

Use this Bash script to completely automate download, build & install of CMake. Read more ›


Install NAG Fortran compiler

How to install the NAG Fortran compiler Read more ›


GNU Octave for continuous integration

How to use GNU Octave in Linux, MacOS and Windows continuous integration such as Travis-CI and AppVeyor. Read more ›


Overwrite already pushed changes with Git

How to use git rebase to overwrite previously pushed commits with Git. Read more ›


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