How to Install Jabref on Linux

How to install Jabref platform independent .jar file with OpenJDK. Read more ›


Amazon Chime on Linux via WINE

Amazon Chime software is marketed for everything except Linux. Read more ›


Install WINE 4 in Linux

How to install WINE 4 on Linux. Read more ›


64-bit Irfanview in WINE on Ubuntu

How to install 64-bit or 32-bit Irfanview on Linux via WINE. Read more ›


FV FITS View install

How to easily install the NASA FV FITS Viewer on Linux. Read more ›


FFmpeg and VLC on ReactOS

How to work with video and audio files on ReactOS. Read more ›


Map coordinate conversion in Python, Matlab and Fortran

We have created free map coordinate conversion packages for Python, Matlab / GNU Octave and Fortran. Read more ›


Wear OS LTE smartwatch Google Fi

How to use unlocked Wear OS LTE smartwatches on Google Fi. Read more ›


Wear OS LTE smartwatches

Comparison of LTE Wear OS smartwatches, which work even with the smartphone left behind. Read more ›


Google Fi technical aspects

Google Fi uses three LTE carriers plus VPN WiFi. Here are some practical details on how the Google Fi aggregating MVNO works. Read more ›


LTE-enabled Wear OS and Apple Watch comparison

Apple Watch LTE and Wear OS LTE band comparison. Read more ›


Joining PDF files into one

How to join PDF files. Read more ›


Extracting raw images from PDF

How to extract full-quality raw images from PDF. Read more ›


Extracting a page from PDF

How to extract page(s) from PDF files Read more ›


Setup Docker Fortran image for Travis-CI

How to setup a Docker image with software you want for Fortran runs of Travis-CI Read more ›


Convert CMake to Meson

Converting build system from CMake to Meson Read more ›


Free multispeaker large group web presentations

Summary of current large group web presentation options, free and paid. Read more ›


recursive convert DOC, DOCX to PDF

How to use LibreOffice headless to convert directory of DOC, DOCX files to PDF for free Read more ›


Install Zello app on Linux

How to install Zello on Linux. Zello mobile & desktop apps allow Nextel-like PTT group communications. Read more ›


Fortran submodule file naming

Each Fortran compiler treats submodule generated filenames distinctly. Here's a brief taxonomy. Read more ›


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