Get latest stable version of Octave

How to use the Octave flatpack to keep the latest GNU Octave version installed. Read more ›


Sizing Linux swap space on modern computers

Default recommendations for Linux swap size are often too large and detrimental to system performance and stability. Read more ›


HP Printer setup on Linux

How to setup and use the hplip GUI for quick HP printer setup on Linux. Read more ›


CLOSED -- Chicago Union Station Amtrak Legacy Club

Detailed review of the now closed premium pay-access Legacy Club in Chicago Union Station, located in the southwest corner of the Great Hall. Read more ›


What value does modern Fortran add?

Modern Fortran compilers are widespread, and the programmer time savings and syntax clarity gains are considerable. Read more ›


How does Fortran stderr stop return code work?

From 1956 Fortran I through Fortran 2018 standard, an integer stop value is generally returned. In Fortran 2018, variable error stop is finally allowed. Read more ›


Install PGI free Fortran compiler

How to install the no-cost PGI Fortran compiler with CUDA Read more ›


Travis-CI fix for error reference not a tree

Set a larger Git depth to avoid Travis-CI error git reference is not a tree. Read more ›


Global PEP8 Git pre-commit check hook

How to check Python code before allowing git commit Read more ›


Update BIOS via FreeDOS on Linux PC

Example of updating a PC BIOS without Windows using FreeDOS. Read more ›


What does Gfortran -std=legacy allow?

Gfortran option -std=legacy should normally NOT be used except for old code that you won't modify. Read more ›


Platform independent builds with Cmake

Basic tutorial and examples of using CMake for scientists and engineers. Read more ›


Five free C C++ Fortran compiler families

Brief description of five free compiler families for modern C, C++ and object-oriented Fortran Read more ›


Improvements in Wear OS

Explains benefits Wear OS brings to productivity for business and personal users. Read more ›


Fix Python 3 on Windows error Microsoft Visual C++ 14.0 is required

How to fix the error Visual C++ 14.0 required by installing Microsoft Visual C++ Build Tools. Read more ›


Install modern compilers in CentOS / RHEL

How to use devtoolset to easily install modern compilers and libraries in CentOS / RHEL. Read more ›


Fortran build systems

Brief survey of Fortran build systems, settling on CMake as most powerful vs. ease of use. Read more ›


Set and use alias within Bash script

Bash scripts normally ignore aliases without shopt -s expand_aliases. Read more ›


Python using NaN or None as sentinel

Comparing to None instead of NaN is 4..50 times faster in Python. Read more ›


Fix pytest AttributeError Function object has no attribute get_marker

Pytest 4.1 broke some outdated packages, here's how to fix. Read more ›


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