configure Exchange ActiveSync account with G Suite on Blackberry Hub+

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G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work) works much faster with the Exchange ActiveSync interface instead of the IMAP Blackberry Hub+ tries to use by default. Here’s how to optimally setup Blackberry Hub+ for best speed with a G Suite / Google Apps for Education etc. account.

Free Gmail accounts do not have Exchange ActiveSync available, you will have to use IMAP for personal free accounts. {: .alert-box}

Setup Blackberry Hub+ G Suite Exchange ActiveSync settings

  1. In Gmail, click: My Account → Sign-in & Security
  2. click App Passwords and create a new password. Keep this screen open on your computer while you proceed on your phone in the following steps.
  3. From Blackberry Hub+, open Settings → Add Account → Manual Setup and enter the following parameters
    Domain/usernameserverportSecurity Type


If you try using your standard Gmail password, you’ll get an authentication error. You must create and use an APP password at your Google account page. Microsoft Office365 Exchange ActiveSync also requires App Password for Blackberry Hub+, Thunderbird, etc.