Blackberry Android phones of 2017

2017’s security conscious smartphone choices for business/enterprise as well as the general public include:

phone Notes
Google Pixel phone Snapdragon 821, Android 8, $800+
Blackberry KEYone Snapdragon 625, Android 7.1, $500
Blackberry DTEK60 Snapdragon 820, Android 6.0, $330
Blackberry DTEK50 Snapdragon 617, Android 6.0, $300

Pixel and Blackberry phones typically get OS updates before most other phones. While Android ≥ 6.0 has granular app permissions, the DTEK app logs and alerts to unusual permissions use.

Other options

Samsung Knox

SilentCircle: Blackphone 2 has mid-2015, dated hardware.

HP Elite x3: $649, Windows OS

Obsolete Blackberry Android hardware

Blackberry Priv physical keyboard Snapdragon 808, Android 5.1, $500



Written by Michael Hirsch, Ph.D. //