Set preferred Wifi order on BB10

As on Android 4.4+ and Windows 7+ (but not iOS without a 3rd party app), you can select a preferred order of Wifi networks.

  1. BB10 OS 10.3: Settings → Networks and Connections → Wi-Fi
  2. click Saved at the bottom of the screen.
  3. next screen shows all the Wi-Fi networks you’ve connected to in the past.
  4. click Prioritize at the bottom of this screen
  5. press and drag to reorder your access points.

Consider deleting unused access points as they make your phone consume excess battery and are a security risk by the phone beaconing the names of access points it has connected to in the past.

Wifi Security: delete old APS

You should consider deleting all the Wi-Fi networks you don’t need, especially “open” networks such as the usual hotel/coffee shop networks, which you shouldn’t be using anyway. It’s too easy to forget to use VPN, and VPN is not perfect either. Someone could redirect your device to a fake version of your favorite website, make a fake login page to get your credentials. That’s only one of the many worries of using non-EAP certificated Wifi.

If you have AT&T as your wireless provider, you may find an AT&T Wifi hotspot that you can’t delete in the saved list. Tap that entry, then consider clicking “Enable Connections” to off to avoid this security risk.