Android Wear LTE smartwatch Ting

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FCCID Carrier Model Ting compatible?
ZNFW200V Verizon LG-W200V No
ZNFW200A AT&T LG-W200A Yes
ZNFW280 unlocked LG-W280A Yes
QIS-LEO-DLXX N/A Huawei Watch 2 No

Battery life

With light-moderate LTE smartwatch use, I get:

  • LTE off: 1.5 - 3 days
  • LTE on: 1 - 1.5 days


Ting GSM is recommended as currently the most economical LTE service for phone + data to LTE smartwatches. Ting GSM uses T-Mobile, which is what Project Fi defaults to in non-Fi supported devices. With Ting you do not select a plan. You are billed according to the lowest bucket you fall into for each month. The current Ting cost for an LTE GSM smartwatch is:

$6 (base) + $3 (< 100 minutes phone) + $0 (SMS, assuming you’ll use phone-connected SMS) + $3 (< 100 MB data) = $12/month Ting LTE smartwatch

Ting LTE Smartwatch cost examples:

  • If you don’t make any calls that month (usage is 0 minutes) then subtract $12-$3 = $9 for that month.
  • If you used 400 MB of data that month (maybe watching YouTube on your LTE smartwatch) then you’d fall into the 500 MB bucket – adding $12+$7 = $19 for that month.

If you use the LTE phone and/or data features sparingly, you might save $3 - $6 per month with Ting vs. Project Fi. I would bet most people use less than 100 minutes/month of smartwatch phone calls, so $12/month for average Ting LTE smartwatch user may be reasonable.

Ting does not care what you put on Ting, so unlike Project Fi, your phone + data LTE smartwatch usage is totally legit on Ting.

If after reviewing the Ting service you feel it’s a fit for your needs, signing up via my Ting referral link gives you and me a $25 Ting account credit. There are numerous prepaid cellular services, be sure to shop around before making a buy decision.

Activate smartwatch on Ting (T-Mobile GSM)

  • Ting works with Google Voice.
  • suggest disabling voicemail for LTE smartwatches via Ting Device Settings → “Minutes” → disable “can use voicemail”.
  1. Request a GSM Ting SIM card. Ting’s SIM card snaps out to fit mini-SIM, micro-SIM, and nano-SIM. Smartwatches use nano-SIM.
    • slow, maybe free: If you create a Ting account and wait a business day or two, they might email you offering a free SIM.
    • fast: order a Ting SIM through Amazon
  2. Once you receive the Ting SIM card, have your smartwatch with you and go to the Ting activation page
  3. Get smartwatch IMEI number: Settings → Connectivity → Cellular → SIM Status → IMEI.
    • must have Cellular turned “on” to view the IMEI.
    • watch on wrist will help keep it from constantly screen locking
    • Ting web browser shows Wear device is compatible with 2G, 3G and 4G LTE (unless you have the wrong model Wear watch or Ting doesn’t know about your Wear model yet).
    • You can skip this step.
  4. enter your SIM ICCID (next to the barcode) from the Ting plastic card
  5. Select “new number” (don’t use your smartphone number!).
  6. Poweroff your Wear watch, and using the little plastic triangle tool that came with your Wear watch, remove the old nano SIM and put in the Ting SIM.
    • Don’t try to use any other tool or you will mess up your watch.
    • If you don’t have the tool now, just click “other device” and Ting webpage will tell you your new watch phone number.

Ting T-mobile APN

I recommend leaving the default settings alone. APNs for Ting SIM in the LG Watch Sport W280:

  • T-mobile IMS: ims
  • T-mobile GPRS: ← factory default
  • T-mobile MMS: TMUS

Ting smartwatch coverage

Ting GSM coverage maps are intended for standard smartphones. In general LTE smartwatch coverage area is a bit less than smartphones due to the smaller volume to cram everything including antennas into.

Data Metering

The Ting app (used on a smartphone) breaks out the usage for each category:

  • voice
  • text
  • data

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