Android Wear 8 Oreo

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On Dec. 6, 2017, Android Wear 8 Oreo is open to all Android Wear users in countries around the world. As it was the beta test device, the LG-W280 Watch Sport is among the first to get the Android Wear Oreo public release.

New features

Android Wear 8 Oreo improves performance, and makes worthwhile visible improvements such as:

  • Touch Lock: distinct from Theatre mode (which disables notification display), touch lock disables touch-to-wake while still allowing notifications to display.
  • Battery saver: user-switchable under System→Battery Saver. Previously, Battery Saver would come on automatically at 15 % battery, and there was no way to turn on Battery Saver manually. Android Wear battery saver does:
    • vibration disable
    • limits location services/Wifi/cellular usage
    • no app updates
    • reduces display brightness
  • Auto Do Not Disturb when off wrist. The watch won’t buzz (vibrate) annoyingly on your nightstand or desk, while you can choose to allow: Alarms, Favorites, Reminders, Events.
  • Require SIM lock option–you can choose to require a SIM password.
  • Notification channels–control notifications on a per-app basis.

wish list

  • ability to use WPA-EAP Wifi AP


Android Wear Play Services OS Security Patch
2.60.177090582 11.9.51 8.0.0 Aug 1, 2017


Force reboot

My LG-W280 stuck at “preparing to upgrade” at 2 % progress for many hours. I force rebooted my Android Wear watch by:

  1. press & hold the side center button for 10 seconds. The watch will make a long vibration, keep pressing until this vibration stops.
  2. If you get a broken Android logo with a triangle orange exclamation mark, Force reboot once more.

Now you should have fallen back to the previous Android OS 7.1 on your smartwatch. The next day, Android Wear Oreo installed OTA automatically and correctly.

Beta Oreo

Android Wear Oreo was released to the general public on Dec. 6, 2017. This obsolete Android Wear Oreo beta info is retained for reference.

Upgrading to beta Android Wear based on Android Oreo 8 is done OTA (over-the-air) by simply requesting Android Wear beta access. Approval is instant for LG Watch Sport W280 users in the USA, and that same night I got the automatic Oreo OTA.

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