Anaconda Python and Spyder with Windows Subsystem for Linux

install Anaconda Python on WSL

  1. Assuming you’re using Windows 10 Build 14936 or newer with Ubuntu 16.04 WSL:

     bash Miniconda*.sh
  2. press space bar a few times till it asks you to type yes.
  3. prepend the path to ~/.bashrc (the default choice).

Setup Spyder IDE for WSL

  1. setup X11 for WSL
  2. install spyder

     conda install matplotlib
     conda install spyder

if you have trouble with Matplotlib

notes on setting up Matplotlib for WSL

If using old Windows 10 Build 14393 with Ubuntu 14.04

While current Windows builds with Ubuntu 16.04 work, using Ubuntu 14.04 on old Windows 10 builds won’t work with MKL. You’ll get errors when using MKL-using modules like Scipy or Numpy on

import scipy; scipy.test()

OMP: Error #100: Fatal system error detected. OMP: System error #22: Invalid argument

The fix is to install MKL-less versions of these packages by

conda install nomkl

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