AGU FM2017 Python lunch notes

At the meeting, it was mentioned that

  • Juno Waves instrument uses python from day one
  • other researchers also using Fortran a lot from Python
  • PyAstro is a useful conference
  • Major packages like Numpy typically lack funding. Numpy got its first funding in 2017!
  • see paper: The AstroPy Problem on funding geoscience software development
  • should make open source software part of CEDAR Decadal Survey
  • Autoplot: very useful one line command to plot many science formats including: CDF, HDF5, NetCDF and many more.

Action item

I have created a white paper for this, it’s due Jan 12, 2018. If you see this in time, please contact me to add your support.

NASA asked NAS for panel+study on open source software. Have had one public meeting. AstroPy person on panel. Last meeting in January is public. Asked how to fund and treat open software.

Attendees included

There were 15 people present, sorry that I missed so many names.

  • Angeline Burrell, UT Dallas
  • Adam Kellerman, UCLA
  • Kate Zawdie, Doug Drob NRL
  • Alexa Halford, Aerospace Corp.
  • Jeremy Faden, Cottage Systems
  • Jeff Kletzing, NASA