Advanced freeRDP options for limited bandwidth remote desktop

These advanced options greatly improved RDP sessions over weak internet connections with FreeRDP.

A complete remote connection to Windows (or Linux with XRDP) uses SSH forwarding first.

ssh -f -L 3391:localhost:3389 [email protected] sleep 1;

xfreerdp /cert-ignore /bpp:8 /network:modem /compression /v:localhost:3391 

reduce bandwidth

Reducing ongoing bandwidth with screen updates greatly reduces latency.

/bpp:8 /network:modem /compression 

/bpp:8 use 256 colors–yes it makes the quality low, but really makes a speed improvement.

Asynchronous RDP

These are a little riskier in that typically RDP waits for the screen update to reach you before it accepts input. Using these two options allows you to click ahead before the screen updates so be careful!

/async-update /async-input

Remote Desktop without audio redirection

When operating digital amateur radio modes remotely over the Internet or intranet, it’s important to keep the audio generation/reception on the remote PC.

You can disable xfreerdp audio redirection by adding command-line option


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