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Michael is a geoscientist & engineering generalist with expertise in remote sensing (four patents pending) and embedded vision. Michael is an advocate at the state and federal legislatures for technology rights and geoscience. From childhood in the Midwest, Michael refurbished and resold discarded/unwanted electronics, giving the base revenue stream to become an early investor in rural wireless internet. In his twenties as an SEC-accredited investor, Michael branched out into humanitarian-tech angel investment as well his primary humanitarian, award-winning STEM education and geoscience pursuits.

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PhD in Electrical Engineering advised by Joshua Semeter with the Boston University Center for Space Physics, where Michael developed novel ionospheric remote sensing system techniques via optical tomography, radar, and radio instruments. The kickoff to Michael’s PhD research was an AFOSR-funded study on multiscale (temporal and spatial) features in the aurora. The lessons learned from this system built confidence in the field deployment of a two-camera auroral tomography system to the Poker Flat Research Range near Fairbanks, Alaska. The next generation three-station system with ancillary receivers is nearing deployment, built by the Boston University Science Instrumentation Facility team including Glenn Thayer and Heitor Mourato.

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Boston University in the Space Physics: Remote Sensing & Instrumentation Track.

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (High Honors): worked for the Michigan State University Electromagnetics Research Group,  with Dean Kempel, Prof. Rothwell, and Greg Charvat