7-zip in 64-bit Cygwin

setup-x86_64 -P p7zip

Compress 7zip huge.dat

7z a huge.7z huge.dat

Extract 7zip file

7z e huge.7z

useful 7-zip options

7zip by default (GUI and command line) leaves off some the more useful options, such as LZMA2 compression and full CPU multithreading. From the command-line, enable these options with:

-mmt=on -m0=lzma2

Example of optimal 7zip options for large files

7z a -t7z -mx=3 -mmt=on -m0=lzma2  mycomp.7z *.txt

-mx=3 is like “fast” compression. The higher compression settings sometimes don’t add a lot of compression but can take vastly longer.