Remote sensing: intelligent prototypes

Professor Michael Hirsch, Ph.D. EE / SciVision, Inc.: expert in distributed remote sensing.

Mega 1000 post science / engineering blog with easy to follow, carefully worked out examples

Do you need an expert in complete full-stack system design including:

  • HPC modern Fortran, Python
  • radar / optical remote sensing
  • wireless system (broadcast, public safety, two-way voice/data radio)

Red Pitaya v1.1 circuit board

Distributed Remote Sensing Systems

Tossable sensors. Scalable from few to many. Low node cost.

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Static Cytometer simulation of UV stimulation with malaria samples

Pathology Devices

Open / proprietary software & modeling, machine vision/learning → disruptive field diagnostics.

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Passive FM radar map New England

Geoscience remote sensing

Signal exploitation brought to the geoscience/geospace remote sensing domain.

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