Remote sensing: intelligent prototypes

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Professor Michael Hirsch, Ph.D. EE / SciVision, Inc.: expert in distributed remote sensing.

Mega science / engineering blog with easy to follow, carefully worked out examples

We design and field precision radar, complex optical systems and radio science sensor networks under research grants or expert contracts.

Hardware in the loop model-based design accelerates project schedules with first MVP. You will have a more accurate technical development schedule and resource allocation forecast.

Rapid Prototyping

Fortune 100, startups, research institutes

Everything is a Sensor

Cheap single-pixel sensors → N-D image


Immediate, actionable intelligence gleaned from sensor fusion

Red Pitaya v1.1 circuit board

Distributed Remote Sensing Systems

Tossable sensors. Scalable from few to many. Low node cost.

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Static Cytometer simulation of UV stimulation with malaria samples

Biomedical Diagnostic Devices

Open / proprietary software & modeling, machine vision/learning → disruptive field diagnostics.

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Passive FM radar map New England

Geoscience remote sensing

Signal exploitation brought to the geoscience/geospace remote sensing domain.

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